Ultragene Warlord

Chapter 1429: The Fated Spear

Chapter 1429: The Fated Spear

Those who were strong enough to keep their wits despite Fang Yi's temporal stasis all blanched upon seeing Fang Yi's technique.

Although they were able to keep their wits, they could do nothing against Fang Yi. For one, Fang Yi had twenty-five wheels of time to his back, which magnified his control over time; for another, they were all spectators who were unable to participate in the fight.

The combination of nine energies gave birth to an astounding hybrid. As the forces continued to revolve around each other, the wheels of time behind Fang Yi began rotating more and more quickly as the space around him was strained to its utmost. The virtual space began to crack.

Even the king of chaos' spear shook violently as it tried to sustain the nine different energies.

Compared to when he was in the third realm, Fang Yi's body held out much better than before. Even so, however, veins protruded from his forehead.

The golden threads of karma, which turned black and tried to wrap around Fang Yi, were swept away by the energy of chaos.

Chaos muddled fate, turning bad karma into more strength for his attack.

Twenty-five wheels of time stabilized his body. Without those wheels present, he wouldn't have been able to use his ninefold strike at all.

Xing Yu tried to stop Fang Yi, but even the shockwaves that emanated from the nascent technique were frightening in strength.

Lightning crackled like a demon swiping its claws. A storm raged, and space tore apart. Black-and-gold chains criss-crossed and tangled up under the influence of chaos and fate.

After the incorporation of karma, the energy of chaos was able to reach an unstable equilibrium with that of space and time.

Karma forcibly linked all the disparate energies together like glue.

The karma would have affected Fang Yi's fated future if not for the chaotic energy surrounding him. Most importantly, the chaotic energy came from Fang Yi's spear, not from himself, and the powers of karma and chaos wouldn't cancel out.

The spear of Chaos would continuously provide titanic amounts of chaotic energy, forcibly maintaining this unstable balance.

Dragon-like lightning, tiger-like storm, formless time, timeless space—those four disparate energies combined into a cohesive whole, tied together by a dark gold thread. The energies revolved around each other, destroying even natural law with their combined might.

Space and time cracked, and unusual pitch-black thorn-like protrusions spiked into the pocket space.

Twenty-five afterimages appeared, shining with light.

Black, formless chains surrounded Xing Yu as fate locked in on him. Geett the l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

"Let me show you what fate truly is."

A howling storm, void lightning, mysterious temporal charge, the wind of ages—the mishmash of elements exploded.

The twenty-five wheels of time that stabilized Fang Yi's techniques shattered.

"[Godbane Strike]!"

The nine different energies formed a huge vortex.

Fang Yi was suffering from a nosebleed. Even with his fourth-realm body and twenty-five wheels of time, it was difficult to support the sheer offensive might of this technique. Fang Yi was able to control formless energy effectively, but not the ninefold confluence of energies. Nor could he form it into the shape of a spear.

All that energy erupted in an instant in a blow that shook the world.

Opposite him, Xing Yu's body radiated with light. As Fang Yi closed in on him, the divine armor around Xing Yu glowed brightly, filling the air with shining brilliance. The fist distorted the void, causing a blinding gleam that sent wind scouring over the arena.

An overwhelming punch!

This was a superlative clash, one that left all the spectators awestruck. The techniques tore apart the virtual realm. It was as though the world itself were collapsing.

The void blurred. The floor of the arena tore open as scars of void shot through the arena, tearing apart the world and shocking the spectators further.

The two cultivators seemed as though they were about to break free from the constraints of mortals.

A howling storm, void lightning, mysterious temporal charge, the wind of ages—the mishmash of elements exploded.

Fragments of the world danced across the air, brighter and more breathtaking than fireworks. The clash between the two cultivators caused a temporal maelstrom. The spectators' view blurred. Even after the virtual realm was reinforced as a result of Zhang Lie's fight, the realm almost broke down once again.

Xing Yu staggered back. A pair of gigantic silver wings, shining with holy light, flapped in the air as fragments of the world swirled before him.

He was undeniably and abnormally strong, the result of the evolution afforded by the stone of starlit fate.

After being struck by Fang Yi's ultimate technique, however, he wasn't in good shape. The divine armor was tattered and broken, with large cracks across much of its surface. Another spear wound appeared on his chest. Karma, spatial force, void lightning, temporal power, and chaotic energy were corroding his wound as the stone of starlit fate did its best to heal Xing Yu.

Despite its overwhelming strength, the stone of starlit fate was only able to ensure that the wound didn't worsen; the mix of energies was no easy opponent.

Meanwhile, Fang Yi stood wholly uninjured, his robes and hair fluttering in the wind. His eyes were focused and intent; his expression calm and unflustered.

What strength did he possess that would allow him to resist a Starlit Legend?

The crowds were silent. They were shocked. Who was this cultivator that none of them had heard of?

The Stargods were astounded that one of their Starlit Legends had been injured during his first confrontation.

Just how strong did this opponent have to be to hurt Xing Yu even after such an extensive transformation?

In the stands, one of the young generation of Stargods asked in panic, "Can Xing Yu win?"

One of the Stargod elders stroked his beard that was nonexistent in the virtual space. "Don't worry. There's more to a Starlit Legend than what Xing Yu has shown us yet. Xing Yu's Starlit Wings, Starlit Horns, and other evolutions haven't been activated fully—those are what make him a true killer."

The Stargods sighed in relief.

Fang Yi didn't show how flustered he was, but as far as he knew, his strongest technique, the Fated Spear, could kill any opponent beside Zhang Lie. However, Xing Yu had shown himself capable of defending against it as well.

Was this the power of the stars?

Xing Yu glanced at Fang Yi. "Can you keep fighting?"

Fang Yi asked, "What are you trying to say?"

"You should know that better than I do, I think."

Although Fang Yi looked calm and uninjured, in truth, he was almost out of genetic energy.

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