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Chapter 596 Ba Rong'er Manipulating Lin Fei and Chu Yang

Chapter 596 Ba Rong'er Manipulating Lin Fei and Chu Yang

Lin Fei skulked in his room, the weight of his hangover pressing down on him like a demonic beast. Fragments of blurry memories flickered at the edges of his mind – laughter, flushed faces, and a general sense of debauchery. A wave of nausea washed over him, and he scrambled for the nearest wastebasket.

As reality crashed down, a cold dread filled him. He had a vague recollection of Elder Xuan pouring him endless cups of wine, then a hazy image of himself talking loudly, maybe even… touching someone inappropriately? Shame burned a fiery hole in his gut. How low had he sunk?Yôur f𝒂vorite stories on 𝒏/o/(v)𝒆/lb𝒊n(.)c𝒐m

Fear gnawed at him. What if he'd offended Sect Leader Ba? What about Ba Rong'er? Had he ruined any chance he had with her? He didn't dare face either of them, not until he understood the wreckage of his actions.

Meanwhile, a smug grin stretched across Chu Yang's face. He strolled through the training grounds, basking in the aftermath of his successful plan. Everyone was buzzing about Lin Fei's drunken outburst. Ba Rong'er's obvious disgust with him was the icing on the cake.

"Serves him right," he muttered, shadowboxing the air. Now, he could finally focus on winning Ba Rong'er's heart legitimately. He strategized in his mind – perhaps a display of heroic strength during a sect mission? Or maybe a thoughtful poem, showcasing his hidden depths?

Unbeknownst to both Chu Yang and Lin Fei, a far more complex plot was unfolding within the Star Cloud Sect's very walls. Deep within a hidden chamber, Ba Rong'er knelt before an ethereal beauty, her teacher, Jing Ruyan.

Jing Ruyan, a spy from the rival Heavenly Jade Pavilion, possessed a captivating aura that belied her true allegiance. She had nurtured Ba Rong'er's talent since childhood, instilling trust and loyalty in her.

"Master," Ba Rong'er addressed her teacher with utmost reverence, "the plan worked flawlessly. Lin Fei's behavior at the banquet… it was utterly disgraceful. Father will certainly reconsider the marriage proposal."

Jing Ruyan, a ghost of a smile playing on her lips, nodded. "Excellent, Ba Rong'er. Your portrayal of reluctant acceptance was flawless. However, your father might not be as eager to marry you off to Chu Yang either. Though ostracized, he has proven himself valuable to the sect."

Ba Rong'er frowned. "Neither of them! I have no desire to marry either one of them."

Jing Ruyan's smile softened. "Patience, my dear student. You crave autonomy, power. And that requires a different tactic. You need to establish your own influence within the sect, to rise above the petty politics."

Ba Rong'er's brow furrowed. "How? Father still holds the reins."

A glint of anticipation sparked in Jing Ruyan's eyes. "An opportunity is brewing, Ba Rong'er. An opportunity that will test both your father's leadership and your own potential."

"Explain yourself, Master," Ba Rong'er urged, intrigue replacing her frustration.

Jing Ruyan leaned closer, her voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper. "Your father plans a full-scale assault on Astral Jade City, a move fueled by misplaced pride. This attack will be a costly endeavor, and the Star Cloud Sect is likely to suffer significant losses."

A pang of worry tugged at Ba Rong'er's heart. "But why? And what of the casualties?"

"An orchestrated power play, fueled by the rivalry between our sects," Jing Ruyan explained. "However, this will be your moment, your chance to show your prowess. While the sect is in disarray, you will utilize your skills to mitigate the damage and project your own leadership qualities."

Ba Rong'er pondered her teacher's words, a flicker of ambition igniting within her. Seizing control of the Star Cloud Sect, not through marriage, but through her own capabilities, was a prospect that appealed to her fiercely independent spirit.

"And what about my father?" she inquired reluctantly. "Will the Heavenly Jade Pavilion…"

"There's no need for bloodshed," Jing Ruyan assured her. "If you successfully take control of the sect, there will be no reason for further animosity. A leader like you, one who values peace and prosperity, would be a far more desirable neighbor."

Ba Rong'er nodded, a steely resolve hardening her expression. She trusted her teacher, a trust that blinded her to the true motives of the Heavenly Jade Pavilion. Jing Ruyan's plan, a web of deceit woven with threads of ambition and manipulation, had ensnared both Ba Rong'er and the Star Cloud Sect.

One sunny afternoon, Chu Yang bumped into Ba Rong'er in the training grounds. Her beauty, as always, captivated him. He bowed respectfully, a smile playing on his lips.

"Greetings, Senior Sister Ba," he chirped, his voice laced with a nervous excitement. "Enjoying your practice?"

Ba Rong'er, ever the picture of composure, bestowed upon him a cool nod. "Mastering the art of the Frost Lotus Sword takes dedication," she replied, a hint of challenge underlying her words.

Chu Yang chuckled, unfazed. "Indeed," he said. "Perhaps I could offer some pointers, Senior Sister? I have a few ideas on how to optimize the flow of spiritual energy during the final sequence."

Ba Rong'er, surprised by his boldness, raised an eyebrow. She had witnessed Chu Yang's impressive skills during previous sparring sessions, and his offer piqued her curiosity. After a moment's hesitation, she found herself nodding.

"Very well," she said, a flicker of amusement dancing in her eyes.

For the next hour, the training grounds became their stage. Chu Yang patiently guided Ba Rong'er through the intricate steps of the Frost Lotus Sword technique. He pinpointed areas for improvement, suggesting subtle adjustments that could enhance her control over the sword's energy flow. Ba Rong'er, initially skeptical, was forced to acknowledge the effectiveness of his suggestions. Their sparring session proved even more surprising. Chu Yang, with his deft footwork and clever tactics, managed to deflect most of her attacks while offering constructive criticism after each exchange.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the training grounds, Ba Rong'er found herself impressed. Chu Yang possessed a surprising depth of martial knowledge and a keen eye for detail. She had initially dismissed him as another braggart seeking her favor, but she had to admit that he was indeed skilled. However, even as a sliver of respect bloomed within her, a disdainful glint remained in her eyes. She still believed she could easily manipulate a man like Chu Yang, make him dance to her tune when the time was right.

"Thank you for your guidance, Chu Yang," she conceded, her voice sincere. "I learned a great deal today."

Chu Yang beamed, his entire being vibrating with newfound hope. "The honor is mine, Senior Sister Ba," he replied, his heart pounding with a newfound determination to impress her. Perhaps, just perhaps, his plan to win Ba Rong'er's favor wasn't as far-fetched as he had initially thought.

Little did he know, Ba Rong'er's mind was already formulating a new strategy. Chu Yang's unexpected skills had presented a new opportunity. Perhaps, she could utilize his youthful enthusiasm and knowledge to further her own agenda, the agenda whispered to her by her master, Jing Ruyan.

Meanwhile, Lin Fei, consumed by shame and fueled by a burning desire for vindication, had embarked on a clandestine investigation. He refused to believe his drunken outburst was solely responsible for his public humiliation. The whispers and snickers that followed him like shadows confirmed his suspicion of foul play.

His investigation began discreetly, conversations with peripheral disciples who had served at the banquet. Hours of patient questioning yielded a single, intriguing detail – Chu Yang's frequent visits to Elder Xuan's peak in the days leading up to the disastrous event.

A cold realization dawned on Lin Fei. It all clicked into place – Elder Xuan's excessive flattery, the potent wine subtly pushed towards him, the orchestrated atmosphere of indulgence. It had to be Chu Yang, his supposed friend, harboring a secret jealousy and orchestrating this elaborate scheme to sabotage him. The pieces of the puzzle fell together, revealing a picture of Chu Yang's treacherous ambition – to eliminate Lin Fei as a rival for Ba Rong'er's affections.

Lin Fei gritted his teeth. The fire of betrayal burned alongside the embers of humiliation. He wouldn't let Chu Yang get away with it. He would expose his deceit, reclaim his honor, and prove his worth to Ba Rong'er. A plan began to form in his mind, a risky but potentially explosive move that could turn the tables on both Chu Yang and Elder Xuan.

Days crawled by for Lin Fei, each one filled with a simmering fury and a meticulous plan taking shape. He wouldn't go down without a fight. No, he would orchestrate a counterattack so devastating, so humiliating, that it would send chills down Chu Yang's spine and leave Elder Xuan utterly disgraced.

His weapon? A rare, ancient technique – the Nine Phoenix Dance.

It promised immense power, but at a terrible cost. This "power" came in the form of graceful, flowing movements – perfect for female cultivators. However, for men, the consequence was far worse - permanent emasculation. In simpler terms, it turned a man into a eunuch.

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